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In a recent JobsDB survey on what motivates candidates to accept a new job (*), the attraction of money and job security were clustered together with career and development opportunities as communicated by the company and perceived as credible by the candidate.
Importance of Employer Branding with BMS Recruitment
Importance of Employer Branding  with BMS Recruitment

In a recent JobsDB survey on what motivates candidates to accept a new job (*),  the attraction of money and job security were clustered together with career and development opportunities as communicated by the company and perceived as credible by the candidate.

Communication and Credibility are operational words here.

Developing and maintaining a positive employer brand is of crucial importance to attract the top talent that you will need in your firm.

Here is what subject matter professionals of MIDAS PR  say about the direct benefits of purposefully developing  your presence in the “War for Talent”:

Importance of Employer Branding 

Employer branding is how a company is seen as a place to work, and its employee value proposition and is an important part of legal recruitment. Brands all around the world are constantly investing in developing their employer brands to remain competitive and to attract, recruit, and retain the best talent in the market. Let’s have a look at the importance of employer branding:

  1. Helps in hiring the best talent: Employer branding is important to stand out in the market from competitors. In fact, 84% of job seekers say the reputation of a company as an employer is important in their decision-making process. Organizations with visibly strong employer brands – great reviews, awards, ambassadors, testimonials, and more – have a great leverage to go after the top talent.
  2. A feeling of belonging: Employer branding promotes a feeling of belonging among the employees. It shows to your stakeholders how much you care about your employees. This results in greater productivity and a higher degree of employees’ identification — feeling proud to be part of the team they belong to.
  3. Motivates Employees: A strategic employer branding approach will make employees happy, and happy workers are more productive. In fact, they will also stick with the company longer and put in more effort to achieve the company’s goals. This is particularly important in Thailand, where employee retention is a common problem for companies which have to deal with  job hopping and a low unemployment rate. 
  4. Financial Stability: Having a good employer brand will ensure the company’s financial stability as well. According to the Boston Consulting Group, businesses which invest in employer branding could benefit from a 2.5% increase in profit margin and a 3.5% revenue growth sale. 

Employer branding is how a company shows itself as a great place to work. In fact, LinkedIn states that 80% of recruiters believe that employer branding has a significant impact on the ability to hire great talent. Our consultants can propose a strategic employer branding strategy for your brand. Visit our website www.midas-pr.com today for more information or get in touch with us by email.

How to jump-start a strong Employer Brand as HR Manager?

Employer Branding 1

Opaqueness is your greatest enemy. People are attracted by clear and consistent messaging. If you are not able to layout an employee value proposition as a matter of policy, you are bound to lose out on the top talent available. 

Establishing the brand of your firm as an attractive employer is an ongoing effort and surely not a one-shot exercise. In true fact you, your employees, add to your “employer brand” continuously through your interactions with the public in general, with clients, with competitors and colleagues, and with potential candidates.

  1. Take a good look at your WEBSITE

In recruitment, the company’s website – more than any other medium – is the initial face of a firm to a candidate. 

Most corporate websites are designed “to turn visitors into prospects. And the way to do this is to identify the major user types visiting your site, speak to their needs, and give them a clear action step to take next.”  (https://weblium.com/blog/)

Candidates are a very identifiable user group for your website. It pays off to have a separate “Career” Level 1 action button on your website, dedicated to interactions with candidates. 

However, the general content should be considered as equally important, while it will educate candidate-visitors about the scope of your services and the specifics of your products. This is the point where you will lose visitors to your site or attract them for further browsing and reading. Candidates then logically will end up in the Career section of your website.


The next step is to define a realistic but attractive employee value proposition. 

Depending on your business context,  a two to four-prong approach can be developed


1. Job Categories/ Listings  

High-quality job descriptions – describe as best as possible what is expected and what you expect in terms of qualifications. You should include behavioral qualities and characteristics that you are looking for in candidates

2. Life @ / Working @ the firm 

This is a good place to highlight the principles and values that you stand for as a company and how these are applied in the daily work routine.

Rewards and/or certificates that the company has received over the years have a nice home here as do a selection of your most recognizable clients. 


3. Career Tracks 

The explanation can be as basic as saying that you appreciate working with young professionals and that you will support their progress to senior roles in your company. Or you can describe typical career tracks in specialist roles like marketing, engineering, or accounting depending on what the top need is in your firm.

4. Benefits and Perks 

While most firms don’t want to advertise their salary ranges for a variety of reasons, Benefits that are extended to all employees can be presented here: provident fund, insurance policies (medical, life, income guarantee..), home-work travel reimbursement.

Perks: extra days annual leave, work from home flexibility, quality of office, location with easy access to quality public transportation, free reserved parking, day-care-centers for kids, and others.

The website and its content are just the very visible tip of the Employer Brand iceberg, and other essential components need to be managed professionally. You can turn to MIDAS PR for further guidance or visit their website www.midas-pr.com  today for more information or get in touch with them by email.

Your company will immediately and directly benefit from every dollar spent in this field for instance by getting better candidates through your own efforts or by using a recruitment agency. 

Using a professional recruiting firm will cost money, but engaging a specialized head-hunting agency will multiply the chances of hiring the best-fitted players for your company. And will certainly help in getting the best motivated qualified candidates

We approach hidden and/ or passive talent directly as standard practice. 

The effectiveness of these contacts jumps from 1 out of 10 to 8 out of 10 when we do it for a company with an attractive employer brand!

Visit BMS Recruitment‘s website bmsrecruitment.co.th and email or call us to check how we can assist you.


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