The Essential Selection Tools

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What are the essentials we should consider to make sure we hire the right candidates for our companies?

Make the interview process 80% about the candidate and only 10 % about you and your company. Reserve 10% for a neutral opinion or assessment.

What does the 80% stand for?

  • What does the candidate want out of the new job, of his/her life and career?

Ask the candidate where they see themselves in 5 years a review if it fits with your job/company prospects

  • Ask for references early on in the process and talk to the referees yourself

Don’t delegate this task

  • Analyze in detail and deeply understand the written CV’s, the LinkedIn and other social media profiles of the candidates.

Don’t ask candidates to repeat their past instead make tallies of past activities/skills that are relevant for your job

  • Make the interview a working-session like you would have with one your team members.

Why not have a brainstorming session to see how the candidate thinks and get a new perspective on a current topic you’re working on 

What is your 10% contribution?

Go the extra-mile to clearly communicate what you expect from the person in this job, and make the link with the preferred working style of the company. Carefully consider the impact and meaning of the job title for your target audience.

Recently I was working with a client who was looking for a” plant manager” and despite several ads on job-boards they were not getting the candidates they had in mind: their emphasis was on “plant” as in operating the machines and not at all on the “manager” part. In fact, they were looking for somebody who could run the machines, debug problems and adjust for quality. The management aspect would just follow in their way of thinking.

And what is the remaining 10% about?

Add a standardized assessment – administered by a 3rd party- to your screening data.

Reliability of interviews as the sole selection tool scores notoriously low; despite this has been

proven over and over again – most companies rely solely on interviews to make their selection  


  • Mental Ability Tests, for example, outrank by far interviews when it comes to predicting future success in any job.
  • Or as a minimum add a standardized behavior questionnaire to your toolbox before making a  hiring decision.

Companies spend days on consultants, studies, justification-writing for the selection

of a piece of equipment. 

One would expect the same diligence when it comes to the acquisition of the   

company’s human assets and unique capability: it’s people

“The Right Candidate Might Be Expensive

The Wrong One Costs A FORTUNE”

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