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When you are searching for new management staff in any specialty, you’re looking for a way to make sure that you will have the right people on board, in an environment and culture that doesn’t hinder people to develop.

 What you need isn’t just a candidate, but rather an individual with solid qualifications, an impeccable track record, an attitude of commitment and honesty, and a reputation for delivering. 

Our path to success is to identify and objectively assess candidates so that we can introduce you to a carefully selected short-list of matching people.

Why You should seek our help?

Legal and Cross-Industry Management Staff placements are all we do. We are truly passionate about both, as we originate from these service sectors and have experienced first-hand the difficulties to find qualified people. 

We are one of the few if not the only dedicated agency in Thailand. We believe the rapid changes put on corporations and the shortage of qualified, English speaking candidates, warrants a specialist approach with dedicated resources and efforts.

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How about Interims in your company?

A shift has taken place in the level of commitment, employees consider to be in balance with their aspirations and life organization. Look at the opportunities this could provide for you as an entrepreneur:

Deal with emergencies e.g. when a manager unexpectedly is moved or quits

Access to qualified candidates when a big project comes up

Access to a particular specialization like e.g. implementing new accounting software, rolling out a new job grading system, doing a workload analysis, analysis of SEO data 

One of the unintended side effects is that the direct access to a potential candidate provides an in-situ probation

No social liabilities are built up in the form of notice or redundancy payments 

You can rely on us to keep in touch with Executive Management professionals who are looking for a new challenge and who fit your business and culture

Are you looking for your Management class act?

We appreciate in full that hiring situations need to be handled with discretion and confidentiality. 

We do not approach current BMS placed candidates for new opportunities and we do not source candidates from existing clients.

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Then BMS is the logical choice.

We offer a competitive fee structure for the Thai market with no payments to be made until a candidate starts work. On top, we offer an insurance policy: a free replacement during the first months. We also believe that from then on, it is the responsibility of the employing company to provide proper leadership and integration support to the newly hired individual.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not hide the contact details of our candidates as it follows our adage of mutual trust and we will trust you as long as we don’t have a reason not to. We are looking to develop a long-term relationship. We are not just looking for a fee.

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