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When the time comes, and you are ready to move faster than your current company can accommodate. You may want to start to look elsewhere.

Are you just starting out in your legal career, or do you already have solid experience as an in-house legal counsel?

Whatever your situation, we can help you find the right legal jobs that suit your profile, your interests, and your personality.

Why You should seek our help?

We build bridges between your professional aspirations and employing companies, and we will continue doing so throughout your career. We believe that candidates are our clients too, and we treat you as such. We know the expertise needed to be successful in a particular role. For us it is crucial not to just find you Legal jobs, but rather a building block in your career development.

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Are you looking for your next step? Then BMS is the logical choice.

We place lawyers in all specialities, from fresh graduates to partner-level positions. Our clientele consists of small to mid-sized legal practices, with an international client base as well as corporations with in-house legal departments.

We receive new requests from our clients daily and we are often aware of upcoming openings.

By sending your CV, we can match your background to our searches. We send job alerts if your profile matches a vacancy.

You can also check our listed vacancies and apply directly online.

Interim Employment

While not yet common practice in Thailand, contract or project-based employment is a viable alternative to a long-term commitment to one legal practice, because:

It provides exposure to different challenges while maintaining your independence

You select assignments to specialize in a particular legal domain

You avoid the rigidity of a well-organized law firm

Suitable work-life balance without having to leave behind your academic and initial professional training

In-house Counsel

The established law firms are typically the practice ground for legal professionals, where you assimilate the legal reasoning process in a multitude of circumstances. Some of you identify more with the challenging business context of a particular company or sector. The legal department leans in on all major projects a business undertakes and as such you are always at the forefront of new developments.

We have regular openings for different seniority levels of specialist and generalist corporate lawyers


Fresh Graduates

You leave university with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in law. The first couple of years will put you on a career track from which there is no easy return: you either follow the path of becoming a practicing lawyer or you leave the legal field for another sector

BMS Recruitment guides you at this crucial juncture in your life. We are available to discuss your many options, even if you have already accepted the first job. And if not, we assist you in finding one, matching your preferences.

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